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International sports law (statutes and regulations, training and solidarity contributions in football, transfer law, sponsoring and commercial contracts, eSports, employment contracts for players and coaches, new/social media).

Swiss private law with a focus on personal law, association law, labour law, obligation law, contract law and art law.

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Many conflicts can be avoided by a prior precise analysis of the respective demand situation and a contract design related to the individual case.

MS International Law first defines your goal with you and then takes care of the corresponding contractual design. My goal is to protect your rights.


Player transfers pose many obstacles for all parties: the player, the transferring club, the accepting club and the intermediary.

Serious dangers lurk for example

  • in the negotiation and precise drafting of contracts,
  • in fulfilling the transfer periods,
  • in the correct registration into the transfer matching system (TMS),
  • when requesting the ITC,
  • when deciding the right sequence of the transfer steps,
  • when securing the payment of transfer fees,
  • while making travel arrangements or
  • when there are cultural differences during the transfer process,
  • in case of third-party influence on clubs or
  • third-party ownership of a player’s commercial rights, as well as
  • when special provisions relating to the protection of minor players apply or
  • if there is a potential training compensation to be paid.

The list goes on and on.

MS International Lawhelps you overcome those obstacles and guides you to ensure a smooth and successful transfer.


In the event of a dispute, MS International Law will defend your rights:

before all ordinary courts in Switzerland (district courts/cantonal courts/commercial courts/federal courts) and before international arbitration courts (i.e. FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber, FIFA’s Players’ Status Committee or the Court of Arbitration for Sport «CAS»).


A different kind of sport. MS International Law has been following the development of this massive movement for some time now.

New competitions give raise to new legal issues. It is fascinating to see how the experience that we have acquired during legal cases in «traditional» sports can be applied in a similar manner to the new constellations of eSports. MS International Law would be pleased to advise you on issues related to this exciting topic.


MS International Law is happy to pass on its know-how and experience.

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Swiss lawyers are inherently generalists and are therefore able to solve most of their clients’ legal problems – including MS International Law, which can offer its clients a wide range of services.


  • Defining the legal situation to be resolved

  • Attentive listening

  • Development of tailored strategies and proposal of constructive ideas and solutions.

  • Professional, energetic and efficient action

  • Relentless “staying tuned”!

  • Estimation of the prospects of success, the costs to be expected and the duration of the corresponding proceedings