06/2019: Paris (France)

What a wonderful long weekend in Paris! First a stroll along the banks of the Seine, a successful shopping trip to the summer sale, and one or two glasses of Rosé in the delightful street cafés in the heart of Paris at midsummer temperatures. Then, fully in Paris mode, a whole day together with my WISLaw colleagues and Sciences Po representatives, as well as very interesting guests, talking about women in football. There were four round-table discussions with experienced specialists. I was particularly impressed by the speeches by Brigitte Henriques, Vice-president at the French Football Association, and by Sarah Solemale, FIFA’s manager of Member Associations Governance Services. My conclusions after the day: in order to bring women forward at all levels in football, we need to focus on three main areas: good governance, solidarity among women and «dare to shine». The successful conference concluded with a cocktail reception at our valued colleague Patricia Moyersoen’s beautiful law firm. After that, we attended a FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 match (round of 16 Sweden 1:0 Canada). C’est Paris – voilá!

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